Vodofone – Fit-out Work          Read More

The project accounted for a full facilities management Service Contract at various locations belonging to Vodafone,Qatar. The total built-up area was 584,706 sq. m which included 1984 residential units.
Client: VODAFONE,Qatar
Scope of Activities:
  • Complete Fitout Services:


        Medco - Doha New Port Project           Read More

    This project required the construction and EPIC (Engineering, Planning, Installing and Commissioning) of Temporary Site Facilities at the Doha New Port. COMO provided a turnkey solution with the modular units with the project duration being 20 weeks. The MEDCO Camp with a surface area of 32,000 sqm., includes the accommodation for 700 people and offices for another 250 people.
    Clients: MEDCO
    Scope of Activities:
  • Design, Supply, Installation and Testing and Commissioning of Temporary Site facilities with modular building units.
  • Construction of Office Buildings, Kitchen and Mess Hall, Senior Staff and Labour Accommodation Buildings, Mosque, Laundry, Fire Station, guard House, Playground, Road Works, Parking shades with all furniture and equipment.
  • Construction of Kerbstones, Sewage Systems, Footpaths, Traffic Islands, Culverts
  • Pavement Marking
  • Installation of Traffic Devices
  • Laying out Road Barriers
  • Traffic flow planning
  • Land Sloping
  • Installation of CCTV cameras for monitoring flow of site traffic
  • Road drainage works


        IWPP - Water Production Plant         Read More

    The project required the construction of a 2600 mW Power and 55 MIGD (Million Imperial Gallons per Day) Water Production Plant.
    Clients: Ras Girtas Power Co., Hyundai Engineering and Construction
    Scope of Activities:
  • Civil Construction works for 26 Industrial buildings, including:
  • Fire Station

  • Gas Turbine Building
  • Gate House
  • Local Electrical Building
  • Substations
  • 15 Shelters
  • Earth Work (Excavation, Back Filing & Disposal)
  • Concreting, Masonry, Flooring, etc.
  • Predicting the usage of traffic flows
  • Construction of Speed Humps, Culverts
  • Road Drainage Works
  • Planning for & Execution of Traffic Detours and Traffic Diversion Plans
  • Shifting/Relocating of Utilities


        QAFCO           Read More

    QAFCO-5 was set to bolster QAFCO’s position as world-class producer of fertilizer and the world’s largest single site urea producer. The planned expansion will add 1.1 million MT of ammonia and 1.1 million MT of urea to the Company’s annual production capacity thus boosting ammonia production by 55% to 3.1 million MT per annum and urea production 40% to 4 million MT annually.
    Clients:QAFCO, Hyundai Engineering and Construction

    Scope of Activities:
  • Civil Construction works for 11 Industrial buildings, including:

  • Fire Station
  • Utility Building
  • Cogen 2 Building
  • Scaffolding and Formwork system in Utility Building
  • Ammonia 5, Urea 5
  • Job Yard
  • Pipe Rack Area

  • Blast Proof concrete Wall in transformer area
  • Concreting, Masonry, Flooring, etc.
  • Calculating the existing data for traffic flow
  • Preparation of Traffic Detours and Detour Plans
  • Cutting of Roads
  • Construction of Footpaths, Culverts
  • Road Drainage Work
  • Open Drainage Maintenance Work
  • Slope Protection


        CFE - Civil Structure Works for -1 Day Emergency Lagoon- (Lagoon 1)          Read More

    This project consisted of performing Civil Structure Works for ‘1 Day Emergency Lagoon’ (Lagoon 1) under the main contract - Doha North Sewerage Treatment and Associated works. In addition COMO was contracted to construct a water treatment tank of a total area of 67,500 sq.m. & a volume of 405,000 m3 to hold 90,000,000 gallon of water.
    Clients: CFE Mideast

    Scope of Activities:
  • Construction of a water treatment tank (455m x 151m x 6.15m) as three compartments with a pumping station and distribution chambers.
  • Construction of a substation and three other buildings.
  • Construction of culverts, road barriers and footpaths
  • Slope protection
  • Construction of a Sewage Treatment Plant


        Central Food Processing Unit, Ras Laffan          Read More

    This project required the construction of a fully automatic Central Food Processing Unit capable of providing meals for 120,000 people every day, at the Ras Laffan Industrial City.
    Clients: Qatar Petroleum, Shaqab Abela Catering Services

    Scope of Activities:
  • Constructional Activities
  • MEP Installation:
  •     Design of Substation, transformer.
  •     Design of Domestic and Sewage water line.
  •     Equipment Installation

  • Shifting of Utility Services
  • Planning for Road Diversions
  • Production of a detailed Traffic Impact Study
  • Re-routing of Utilities to the Project Sites