COMO is arduous in its efforts to ensure a “Zero Harm” policy throughout its various operations. In an industry driven by deadlines, the discipline to pre-plan and integrate safety into all activities requires its due diligence. COMO’s policies and procedures mandate the planning of tasks so that they become ingrained as habits. Health & Safety are always paramount before executing any activity. We continuously monitor and improve our policies, procedures and behaviours using inspections, self-audits and the implementation of industry best practices. COMO employees from every branch participate in industry organizations with the goal of assisting in the development of new best practices for integration into our operations. Safety training is provided at all levels of the company.
Health & Safety have always been given the highest priority while conducting our businesses and we are committed to implementing the necessary standards and procedures to ensure the safety of all our personnel. The stringent safety policies COMO has undertaken are developed along the lines of international industry standards, and this has been highly appreciated by the various parties that collaborated with us. Our commitment to Health & Safety is matched by our commitment to protecting the Environment. Over the past few years we have been going green by implementing green technologies and procedures to reduce our carbon footprint as an organization.